Precious People

I was visiting my almost 90 year old grandmother recently and noticed a bare wall where pictures once hung.  A picture of my grandfather and a picture of my aunt, both whom have passed.  The wall was bare now because it was it was too painful to see.

people are precious

She doesn’t remember much but she frequently talks about my aunt who passed years ago.  She has four sons that are taking good care of her.  And she knows in her heart that her daughter would have been by her side as well.  She spoke of the kindness of people and the reliance on our children to take care of us when we are unable.  She told me to have as many children as I could because people are precious.

A while back, I made her a small fidget quilt to keep her hands busy as she sat.  It has beads and a zippered pocket, soft materials to touch and a selection of textured buttons.  She didn’t seem to take to it and that is ok.  But she did say we should hang it on the wall, though I don’t think that would fit in with her decor lol.


In the last few months, I learned to sew and have felt compelled to learn to quilt.  A few weeks ago, I told my mom that for some reason, I wanted to make a traditional star quilt.  But that is intimidating to a brand new sew.  Since she now had a bare wall, I thought I could make a wall quilt.  I had not done that before but I wanted to make her something beautiful.

I left her house that day and went straight to the fabric store to begin working on the quilt.

It is not unlike me to get geeky excited upon finishing a project.  I am proud of all of the work I create (but unfortunately I pick apart all of the mistakes).  However, I am most proud of this.

No pattern, no directions.  Only an inspiration picture and determination.

My first completed quilt, a wall quilt measuring (roughly) 36″ x 36″.







I learned so much while doing this project.  Sewing skills aside, I learned to embrace the process, take pride in even the mistakes and that I have more patience than I ever imagined.

I brought this to my grandmother today.  She loved it and that is all that matters.


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