Throwback Throw

One of the best joys of creating is gifting.

Of course my family will be the ones to reap the benefits of what I sew (see what I did there…lol).

Recently my dad mentioned that someone made my grandmother a quilt and he’d like one also.  So naturally, I’d have to make one, right?!?

The hardest part of (most) any project for me, is starting.  There are so many decisions to be made.  Patterns and fabrics, oh my!  There are so many to choose from.

My dad has always been a gamer, of sorts.  I do not remember him playing it but I know we had an Atari when I was really young.  And I can remember him teaching me how to play The Oregon Trail on our Texas Instruments computer.  Then when I was around the age of 7 or so, my parents bought me a Nintendo.  I played Super Mario Bros. at my friends’ houses and was so excited to play at home.  Such fun!

When I was trying to decide which quilt I would make for him, my first thought was something neutral, maybe with beige and blues.  I would make a traditional quilt with a Missouri star, maybe.  But then I saw something like this on Pinterest and knew this was the one I had to make for him.

tetris quilt


This was a fun quilt to make.  There are definitely things I would change about it if I could go back.  I learned a few things.  And remembered some a little too late.  Like the measurements of the binding.  But hopefully he won’t look too closely at (or he’ll just overlook) those parts.  And hopefully he won’t try to fold it nice and neat because it simply won’t as it isn’t square like it should be.

A day or so after I finished quilting, but before I completed the binding, my mom called. She asked if I wanted to put a patch of my grandfather’s shirt on the quilt.  He’s been gone five years now and she thought it would be a nice, sentimental touch.  I agree.  And sure.  I have finished piecing and quilting at this point but no reason not to find a way to add it in.

tetris quilt back
I will preface this by saying that I am a pretty sentimental person.

I took a square above the left pocket, the one that rested just on his heart and added it to the corner of the quilt that would sit closest to my dads heart.  I sewed the folded square into the binding of the quilt.

All in all, I am pleased with it.  My dad was also.  I love how fun and nostalgic it is.  And I can’t wait to make another 80’s video game inspired quilt!!

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