Complicated Christmas?

Because I like to complicate Christmas 😂, I don’t put names on the gifts.

One year, we number-coded the gifts. One year we put a letter initial on each gift but tricked the kids…we actually switched them so that for instance all of them that had an S for Shane were actually for Hannah.

What can I say….it makes for a fun time when they JUST KNOW what’s in that box they think is theirs…and then we hand it to someone else ! 😂😂😂

This year, I went with winter/Christmas-themed vinyl stickers as tags. I randomly chose a snowflake, a reindeer and holly and assigned them each their own icon.

The day before Christmas Eve, I decided to find ornaments to coincide with the icons. I snuck them onto the tree, one kid noticed immediately and another shortly after.

The game plan was to hang each kids’ corresponding ornament from their stocking before they woke. Since the ornaments were an afterthought, I didn’t find a holly ornament. So a cactus stood in its place.

This actually worked out perfectly and I may do it again next year, with better planning.

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