Since I have began sewing and quilting, I have come to learn a few things.

  • I have more patience than I realized.
    It does not matter how many times I sew and rip seams and sew and rip seams, I keep my cool and continue on.  …except for that one time….
  • I can’t draw…er, sew…a straight line.
    Even when I use a guide line, my “straight” lines somehow are still a little wonky. And you know what?  It’s ok.  My goal is not perfection, it is completion.  Because sometimes, completing a project is the hardest part.
  • Basting a quilt should be considered cardio.
    I have learned that you should always have too much backing fabric because “just enough” makes for a lot of work.  I spent entirely too much time wrestling with the fabric for a large lap quilt on my living room floor.  It was a workout, for sure!
  • Machine quilting should be considered “arm day”.
    Due to the nature of my last large project, I only used straight (ok…sometimes wonky) stitches.  Feeding such a large piece through my machine, while keeping the excess on top of my small work space, to keep it from pulling, was a workout in itself.  My arm muscles were feeling the burn!
  • It should also be considered therapy.
    There is something about mindlessly sewing rows and rows of straight (well…you know…) stitches that is very relaxing and freeing.  In those moments, I could let go of worries, expectations, and daily responsibilities.


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