One Year Sew-iversary

One year!

It was one year ago today that I borrowed my mom’s sewing machine.  I was most intimidated by threading it.  When I first sat down with it, I pulled all of the thread out, pulled up a video on YouTube and re-threaded it.  Whew!  Step one done.  I used a piece of scrap material and and sewed a few straight lines to get a feel for the machine.  Then I set out to make a cute little triangle pouch I found online.  I followed a tutorial on YouTube and it was much easier and way more satisfying than I could imagine.  I was hooked!

Here is a look at {most of} my sewing projects from the last year.

My first time running fabric through the machine


Very first project…a triangle zipper pouch

Practicing quilting


First fidget quilt, for my grandmother


Trying my hand at a half-square triangle quilt block


Wall quilt, made for my grandmother…but it now hangs on my wall


Cricut covers for my mom and myself


Cricut cover for a friend.


Guard equipment bag (I also made another one but don’t have a picture)


Bag made from a thrift store mumu


Another tote bag made from thrift store clothes

Set of five placemats

Scrappy Monster

Pin Cushion

Quilt for my king sized bed (still unfinished)


My first baby blanket, for my cousins new baby

tetris quilt back

Tetris blanket for my dad


Not quite ready to share this one yet 😉


One cat block, I made this just to see if I could lol


Fidget quilt, for someone to gift to their elderly mother


Weighted blanket


Another set of placemats, better suited for fall


One matching curtain panel (this has since become scrap fabric – although I really should make some curtains)


Wine glass coaster


Drawstring bag (vinyl done by my mom)


My Dollar Tree quilting gloves 🙂


An evening “wine down” at my sewing machine


My first t-shirt quilt


Another t-shirt quilt


Chapstick holders


Practice memory bear, made from a shirt and scrap fabric




Pencil pouch


Cosmetic bag


Cut pieces for one block


Completed block for memory quilt


The first blocks for a memory quilt, made from my grandparents’ clothes

If you’ve made it all the way to the end…thank you for looking.

And thank you to my family and friends for the continued support and encouragement in all that I do!

A T-Shirt Quilt or Two!

Been there…done that…got the shirt!

There are many memories to be preserved from our younger years.  From sports teams, academic and service clubs, to performing arts and commemorative events.

The t-shirt quilt was one of the first projects that caught my eye and turned me on to the thought of learning to sew.  My own kids are still collecting shirts but I was happy to make a quilt for a couple of friends whose kids have graduated.

I did a lot of research.  The first quilt took me probably way longer than it should have because I was trying to make sure I was doing things correctly…and of course, I still made mistakes along the way.  The second quilt didn’t take me as long to construct but it was a bit bigger and the quilting process took me longer (because wrestling a large quilt whilst sewing on the floor can be hard…and then being unhappy with the quilting and ripping it all out and redoing it tends to add to production time as well).


This quilt is made from 16 different shirts.


Flocked heat transfer vinyl was used to add her name to the back of the quilt.


This quilt is made from 22 different shirts.


She loved it ❤

I have found with my quilting, I tend to want to get hung up on the mistakes I make.  I don’t know why it’s so hard to see past those imperfections and appreciate the whole piece for what it is.  It’s a struggle but it is something I am working on.

With each project I work on, I learn more than just the skills it takes to complete the project.  I learn a little more about patience.  I test my problem-solving skills and push myself to see how many times I can complete the same task in an attempt to get it just right, all while keeping my cool.

I have recently learned that sometimes life takes you sideways but there’s still so much beauty around us and so much to be thankful for….we can’t get fixated on our mistakes….even when it was the mistakes that took us sideways.  😉

I hope the two young ladies that received these quilts were surprised by them and will stay wrapped up in warmth by the memories for years to come.

Merry Christmas, to all!